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Licensed NC Psychotherapist:
Individual & Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

The primary goal of individual therapy is to increase an understanding of one’s thoughts and behavior patterns to help expand one’s well-being. In therapy, patients learn how to effectively manage stress, interpersonal difficulties and troubling situations. Individual therapy creates an opportunity for awareness on all levels.


The topics that get discussed between a therapist and patient will depend on the patient’s goals and the therapist’s expertise. I use a variety of different approaches but mainly Cognitive Therapy which helps patients understand the connection between their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. It empowers them to change how they feel by changing the way they think. I am also a proponent of psychodynamic therapy, or insight-oriented therapy, which helps patients understand how their past experiences influence their present day feelings and behaviors.

Couples Therapy

There are many reasons couples come to therapy. Perhaps there are issues with something in the past, something presently going on, or anxiety about the future. Couples often seek therapy when they experience difficulties communicating, issues of addiction, problems with parenting, life's changes and concerns regarding romantic connection.


I usually work with couples together as a unit, but at times will address their issues individually. Working on having better communication is what brings results to couples’ work. How to hear and listen to your partner is imperative to this communication. The therapy focuses largely on helping to communicate thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner but sometimes delving at times into each individual’s pasts, so as to help them better understand one another.

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