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Working With Dr.Connie

Dr. Connie is a dynamic speaker and teacher who lights up the room with her loving personality,
sense of humor, insightful knowledge and a sense of the Divine that she imparts to all of her participants. Throughout the years, she has conducted various spiritual retreats, workshops and presentations, inspiring her tribe, guiding them with lessons and exercises designed to instill the knowledge needed for positive transformation and connecting with their own spirituality.

Workshops, Seminars, Lectures and Spiritual Retreats

Dr. Connie's motivational speaking helps empower individuals and groups with real-world solutions and results that dynamically improve how we treat ourselves, our relationships with others and the groups we interact with.
Dr. Connie covers topics such as:

  • Living Your Truth … A key to knowing yourself is in understanding that truth is a way of life.

  • Feeling in Control of Your Life … Embracing choice and using it to create the life you want.

  • How Life Really Works … How energy follows thought and beliefs create the rules of your life.

  • Finding Love of Self and Others … Marinating in the past & secrets to releasing judgement.

  • Forgiveness … Dancing with ego and how the journey will always trump the arrival.

  • It’s Time to Live Big: The Journey Back to Your True Self

  • Diminishing Fear … Fear shows us where more love is needed & how to recapture

Dr. Connie has presented throughout the US and is available for your next conference or seminar.
For booking information contact Dr. Connie via email.

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