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Workshops and Retreats

It’s Time to Live Big: The Journey Back to Your True Self 

Part 1: Remembering Who You Really Are

1-Day Workshop led by Dr. Connie Numbers


When: Saturday, November 4, 2023 / Time: 10 AM-5 PM. Arrive at 9:30 AM to sign in.

Where: Free Spirit Conservatory of the Arts, 8840 Old Georgetown Rd SW, Sunset Beach, NC 28468


I believe on some level, we are all searching for something bigger than our self. We know in the deepest recesses of our being that there is something more to us than just our physical human existence. Most of us believe we have a soul, but rarely do we identify that we are a soul, and even fewer people live their lives from this higher perspective. That’s why the world needs us. Now. This workshop is for those who have a desire to delve more deeply into what this bigger existence is and how it can lead to an extraordinary life.

Knowing and discovering our purpose for being here, if we choose it, is the most joyous experience any of us can have.  It’s why we take this human adventure in the first place. We have come to remember and live our truth as infinite and loving beings. This is our True Self. Each of us has experienced our True Self many times without knowing it. There are junctures in our life when everything seems to make sense and flows easily, times of happiness and joy, as well as moments of non-judgment and compassion for our self and others. However, as human beings, we have a difficult time sustaining these feelings. The ego of our human self quickly draws us back into the drama of life and we are left longing for that connection with who we really are, but not always knowing how to get it back.


But what if we knew how to access this ‘forever’ part of us that is constantly guiding us to fulfill our path, giving us the courage to cope with anything and helping us to experience joy and peace no matter what is happening in our lives? 


Through a process of self-discovery exercises, this workshop will explore:

    •    Ways of attaining a more profound understanding of who we really are.

    •    Becoming the hero of our journey.

    •    Understanding why challenges are necessary for our growth as a soul.

    •    Looking at limiting negative beliefs that keep us feeling stuck and small.


The Time to Live Big workshop gives us the tools to remember our True Self so we can live a more purposeful, joyous life, no matter what we may face. It is for those who welcome the idea of living their life from a higher perspective and who are willing to do the inner work to create a life worth living filled with peace, love, and joy.



Early Bird Discount: August 15 - October 1, 2023 = $195.00

Regular Pricing: October 1- November 1 = $250.00

Register now and pay below via PayPal or credit card.

Lunch will be included. If you have special needs regarding food, please feel free to bring your own. Please bring your desired drink and a journal or paper for writing. SEATING IS LIMITED. Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing and guarantee your seat. And be prepared to have fun!!!

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