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My Book

The Dear One Letters: A Path to Growing as a Human

and Evolving as a Soul

The Dear One Letters" are like the breadcrumbs leading us on the path out of the forest to help us find our way Home. They remind us of how life really works and how to feel in control of it. They offer simple yet profound ways of diminishing the fears we have in life, including the fear that we have of being the powerful Light that we are. They lead us step by step, letter by letter, toward loving ourselves more fully and show us a myriad of ways to connect with the Magnificent Light that has been there since the day we were born.


"The Dear One Letters" is available on AmazonBarnes and Noble and Apple iTunes websites in both paperback and digital versions for Kindle, Nook and iBooks. It can also be purchased directly from this web site for $25 using PayPal (includes shipping and handling).

The Dear One Affirmation Cards

Also available is a beautiful 36-card set of quotes from my book that you can draw from and use as affirmations. This set of laminated, printed cards are reproductions of the original 36-card Master set I created. Each card has a quote on it that can be used as an inspiration for the day, for the week, or  as guidance from your soul. One of the ways I use the cards is to ask the question,"What is it that my Soul wants me to know?" I then shuffle and then stop when it feels right to do so, or I spread all the cards out and pick a card that feels right to choose. And it is so amazing how what I need to hear most comes to me through that card.

Available below for $35 (shipping and handling included).

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