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Mentorship Program

What is a mentorship?

A mentorship can mean many different things to many different people. In general, however, a mentorship is a unique and personal relationship between two people who agree to work together for the benefit of the mentee. The mentor is usually a more experienced person who is taking ‘under her wing’ a person who wants to benefit from the mentor’s wisdom and personal experiences in life. A spiritual mentor is somebody who has practiced the path of spiritual unfoldment and development long enough that they can help you find out how to develop your own spiritual practice.


More and more people are being drawn to metaphysical teachings. A Spiritual Mentorship is designed for people who are called to deepen their relationship with their soul, their Divinity, and their Inner Wisdom. My Spiritual Mentoring program helps you explore the holistic and spiritual New Age subjects of Mind/Body/Spirit, the Present Moment, Oneness, Soul-Awareness and Mindfulness.The goal is a deepening of the recognition of your true nature while delving into your capabilities and finding the balance between your human self and your soul. The result is more peace, abundance, gratitude, interconnectedness, healing, positivity, love, compassion, and integration of your true self in the world and your spiritual life.


The mentorship program consists of 2 conference calls each month. The first is a 45-minute call and involves talking about subjects you would like to discuss. The second call is 90-minutes and is based on questions I send you at the beginning of the month. These questions vary in topics but are used as a way to deepen the relationship with your soul, your Divinity, and your Inner Wisdom. Your task is to write the answers in detail and send them to me a few days before your second call. I will then devote my time to looking over them and discussing them with you. I will review and analyze your written work and discover all the hidden treasure that we need to talk about to fulfill whatever spiritual goals you might have.
 The cost for this program is $500 per month. Payment can be made in person, credit card or PayPal on my website.
 If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: or we can consult by phone to see if a mentorship is right for you. It’s important to mention that I am taking a limited amount of people to work with since I have an ongoing private psychotherapy practice, speaking engagements and retreats that I am currently engaged in.


*DISCLAIMER: The Mentorship Program is a separate and distinct endeavor and not a part of my psychotherapy practice as a NC Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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